BAME NEC Representative Seat “Personal Statement” Iram Woolley

Dear Comrades,

I would love to serve in the capacity of the NEC BAME representative role representing this:)).

As an Intersectional, working class, BAME Woman, born and raised in Oxford, I will be the Trailblazer, for enabling equal representation, making a difference, working with activists, CLPs and organisations Nationwide. I will add value, by breaking down barriers, not only using my language skills, but also communicating with grassroot groups, at every level; in order to improve our structures, in ensuring your voices are heard. I will serve humanity with fairness, and justice, exactly what is key, and required to transform the lives of others. I will work really hard, to make a massive difference. I will represent diversity as its core. I am an aspiring role model, who is accessible, and is more than enough, a fearless socialist change. I am a strong campaigner, who has over 15 years Trade Union experience, and great at mobilising teams. So much more needs to happen, and I can only do this with your support. Please Vote for Iram Woolley. Solidarity. I am a Unite activist. I am ready to work with our Leader, as it is only the Labour Party with it’s core values, and passion for equality for all, irrespective of race religion and ethnicity.

If elected, to the NEC, as BAME representative, I will ensure that all my energy and focus will be directed to ensuring that, BAME will a voice that is listened to throughout the Labour Party.

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