This is Why BAME Counts

The BAME NEC seat in the Labour Party, has two main functions, Equality Human Rights, and Racial Equality.

We have a responsibility to ensure that through Poloitical literacy, the BAME NEC represents BAME voices in the community because they represent their voice. It will also be the duty of the BAME Ms of the Labour Pary, especially speak up for BAME women, speak up for the BAME constituents, because these communities do not have a huge voice especially in socially deprived areas.

We must demand the rights to employ potential for representation and racial equality.

Key recommendations:

Economic Power

We are poor at deciding how things are run. We need to be an example to other parties how all diversity of all communities and faiths can extend their hands of friendship and help one another.

Political Power

We tend to use this more. We must not also heavily rely on BAME vote banks and take them for granted, rather show empathy with our vision making larger contributions through multi faith community and through unity, but not just at election time.

One in ten of 650 MPS are non white.

Ten years ago just one in 40 MPs, was non white.

There are NO BAME MPs in Scotland Wales or Northern Ireland.

More needs to be done 45% employment for Black people in London.

Racial profiling or Stop and Search are much higher if black.

Statistically, these have been exacerbated by

a) Austerity which has pushed BAME back further in the echelons’ of society

b) The Xenophobia and Racism have been unleashed since BREXIT

So we are are running against the current where, media is destroying the achievements of Black excellence within society, and its leverage into niches, Hollywood, Boardrooms of the Top 100 companies in UK.

This is includes political parties, and areas in UK where BAME is not reflected at all. BAME shorlists must be welcomed, if we are to relect the society in which we represent. Access to courses online and in-house must be welcomed, to all BAME self identified members, to stand as councilors, GLA, and MPs.

We have also experience of the white fragility that kicks in not just by the anonymous online trolls, but, within the institutions. Affiliate Unions, Party, are all have a part to play but also Top down must be held accountable at shadow cabinet MP and councilors and GLA.

The Compelling Business Case for BAME DIVERSITY


Within the UK Educational system, UK Universities have a total lack of Black professors. We are failing to provide and encourage BLACK MINORITY ETHNIC leverage into these positions,

Therefore, this is why we have positive discrimination; we have to therefore look into the intersectionalities, BAME, Muslim, Woman. So my question therefore precedes that if we choose to keep locking out the talent out, we must then make recommendations to fulfill their pathways IN. So, this way we are making it inclusive for all.

This is then a WIN WIN for all, because of the understandings, of creativity and good forces from the grassroots communities, you have a unique tribal BAME voices, so forth, and the infinite possibilities are endless for productivity and bringing forward the country’s best.

I feel I am answering my calling, because I’m doing it for the future generations, including my children, who will have a better chance of reflecting the community it.represents.

This is why Political Action and Political Literacy is Powerful and there is no substitute.

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