National Womens Committee Seat

Nominations are now CLOSED for the above, and here’s why you should VOTE mark me as first preference on the Ballot Paper

Dear Sisters and allies,

I’m Iram Woolley School Governor Muslim Woman, I’m standing to be elected on the NWC National Womens’ Committee, and asking for your support in this election.

Over the past year it’s been an absolute privilege to represent women on the Unite Community West London, and to further the work of the women.

From helping to run our events, training, Media Interviews, Child Food Poverty, Black Lives Matter, Knowing your rights and how to use them, and standing for office. Provide more confidence to those dealing with trauma and fear from experiences within the political community,

We invite all members to commit to the following principles:

1.End Persecution, end cruel practices toward absolute equality, and equal treatment for women

2.End Inequality, Pressure governments toward absolute equality and equal treatment for women

3.End Social Disparities; afford women equal access to excellent education, NHS and Housing.

4.End Disenfranchisement; eliminate barriers that impede representation in the political process, and government for all women

5.End Indifference; establish absolute justice, Innocent lives matter, and supremacy of justice. We demand absolute equal treatment, of all people irrespective of race, or colour.

I support Cooperative BAME Women, 50:50, Elect-Her, Fabian Women, LWN Labour Womens’ Network, APPG Muslim Women. Give me first Preference on the Ballot Paper. Thankyou

We have also since received Nominations from North Somerset, and Lancaster and Fleetwood – so a big thank-you! and the members that are working tirelessly to ensure their energies are carried forward. <3

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