Why I’m standing for the Local Council Elections May 2022

Why I’m Standing to be Councillor for May 2022 Elections

To all the Super volunteers, first and foremost, I am standing to be YOUR Labour Representative on the council in the May 2022 Elections. I’ve been to people on the doors, to ensure we keep the majority here, in Ealing, if you want to protect all the gains in Ealing, and I’ve been speaking with on the doors.

A vote for Labour is a vote for working people and their communities.
As the Ealing Schools Forum member, School Governor and MUSLIM woman

I’ve managed the urgency local clean up campaigns keeping Allenby Primary School footpaths cleared of fly tipping, graffiti and overgrown shrubs. Petitioning in the School against the School Cuts, gaining over 100 signatures.

I’ve also been working with Park Play Spikes Bridge, and now I’m on the Ealing Schools Forum, tackling the education system,

Also ran the Midha by-election in 2018, which, gained a 73% majority 3% increase.

We MUST continue protecting the vital public services we ALL rely on, Ealing Council stepped up to provide free school meals, and we MUST abandon the £20 uplift, and we need to support that.

So by adding value Sharing Olio and Felix food

This is the foundation of a labour presence in the area.

It’s time to build back Britain BETTER and stronger together, because, our families cannot wait.

VOTE for Iram Woolley as your NEXT Labour and Cooperative Councillor

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