Women’s fight for political equality is still on and we all need to work together for women to have rightful representation.

Women’s fight for political equality is a ongoing struggle that requires the collective efforts of both women and men. While women have made significant progress in achieving political representation and leadership roles, there is still a long way to go.

In many countries, women are underrepresented in government and decision-making positions, and they face barriers to running for office and getting elected. This lack of representation means that women’s voices and perspectives are not being heard at the highest levels of government.

It is crucial that we work together to address these inequalities and ensure that women have a rightful place in the political process. This includes supporting women who are running for office, advocating for policies that promote gender equality, and educating others about the importance of women’s representation.

By working together, we can create a more inclusive and democratic society where women have equal opportunities to participate in the political process and shape the policies that affect their lives.

Access to mentors a strong support system. This may include affiliated to trade unions, charities supporting women go run for office, women MPs, open door policy to local government post holders and above. Inclusiveness days for women.

This post was written with the help of GPT-AI, final version has been reviewed and edited by me

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